M & J PARTYZ have the BEST range of flavours in the wide bay offering an extensive range for both kids and adults. We are constantly scanning the globe for new flavours and technologies and developing stronger relationships with suppliers to deliver a one stop service to ensure your event is one to remember. We try to offer the very best value for money and ensure you are receiving the highest quality product.

Cocktail Flavours

Flavour: Alcohol Added:
Strawberry Daiquiri Vodka
Mango Daiquiri Vodka
Pina Colada White Rum
Illusions Midori
Margarita Tequila
Fruit Tingle Vodka
Blue Fight Vodka and Red Bull
Sex on the Beach
Cola Sothern Comfort
Screwdriver Vodka
Blue Lagoon
Lemon Lime & Bitters


Standard Flavours:

Strawberry Mango
Pineapple Blue Lemonade
Cola Lemon
Wild Berry Blue Berry
Grape Bubble Gum
Raspberry Lime
Orange Watermellon

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